Special High Holiday Booklet Our new High Holiday Booklet, which has been distributed to more than 130 shuls throughout the United States, to help explain, inspire and provide deeper meaning and insight into the High Holiday prayers is here! DOWNLOAD TODAY
Special High Holiday Booklet
New Executive Director The National Council of Young Israel is excited to announce the appointment of Rabbi Marc S. Volk as its new Executive Director. Rabbi Volk will develop and further enhance lasting partnerships with all of our Young Israel congregations, Rabbis and membership. READ MORE
New Executive Director
Know Your Rights - Stop BDS On Campus Don't be targeted for being pro-Israel on Campus! Learn your rights and how to fight back against BDS. CLICK HERE
Know Your Rights - Stop BDS On Campus
SUN Singles …where the singles are the matchmakers CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
SUN Singles
Devastation in Houston The National Council of Young Israel is asking its members to do as they always do in a crisis and that is to bring out the best in ourselves. Please donate funds to the Young Israel of Houston. They will distribute funds where needed to the Houston community. Please follow the link for the full story.
Devastation in Houston
Hershey Park Sukkot Discounted tickets Hershey Park Sukkot
Hershey Park Sukkot
A Walk Through Houston "Walking through the streets of Houston; The True Essence of Bein Adam La’chaveiro” Read Article
A Walk Through Houston
Terror Play Denounced


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