After CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill, Young Israel Calls on Temple U to Follow Suit

November 29, 2018

The National Council of Young Israel today reiterated its call for Temple University to sever its ties with Marc Lamont Hill after he delivered an anti-Semitic address in association with the United Nations’ commemoration of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The Steve Charles Professor of Media, Cities, and Solutions at Temple University, Hill deprecated the State of Israel and sanctioned the use of violence by Palestinian Arabs against Israel. Hill said that “justice requires a free Palestine from the river to the sea,” a phrase that is often used by the terrorist group Hamas when it calls for Israel’s destruction. Hill’s remarks were the latest in a long line of anti-Semitic comments that he has made over the years.

Although CNN cut its ties with Hill, who had served as a political commentator for the network, following his remarks, Temple University chose not to follow suit. “Marc Lamont Hill does not represent Temple University and his views are his own,” the university said in a statement. “However, we acknowledge that he has a constitutionally protected right to express his opinion as a private citizen.”

“While we are grateful that CNN did the right thing under the circumstances, it is extraordinarily disingenuous for Temple University to summarily try and distance itself from Marc Lamont Hill,” said the National Council of Young Israel. “The reality is that Dr. Hill is a member of Temple’s faculty, and he therefore does indeed represent Temple as a result, despite the university’s perplexing assertions to the contrary. While Marc Lamont Hill’s anti-Semitic views may be his own, Temple cannot simply disavow him when it is convenient for them. If he is a Temple professor, his hate-filled diatribe is a reflection of the university and the administration should do the right thing by severing its ties with him.”

“Temple’s failure to denounce Dr. Hill’s views is appalling, and allowing an anti-Semitic professor to teach at their university is intolerable,” continued the NCYI. “By maintaining its relationship with Marc Lamont Hill despite his toxic anti-Semitic beliefs, Temple is sending a disturbing message that espousing such repugnant views are acceptable at the university. Hatred of Jews and hostility towards Israel should be disqualifying and should not be treated any differently from other forms of bigotry. Keeping Marc Lamont Hill on the payroll as a professor is an affront to Temple University’s Jewish students and a slap in the face to the American Jewish community.”