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Speakers Bureau 

List of National Council Speakers

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Robert Cait Stand-Up Kosher Comedian
Avraham Cohen The story of his brother master spy Eli Cohen
Dr. Daniel Eisenberg Lectures on Jewish Medical Ethics
Dr. David Dalin Scholar of American Jewish History
Miriam Dalin PhD Professor of Jewish History
Mordecai Dzikansky Retired NYPD Detective - Lectures on Terrorism
Dr. Yoram Ettinger US-Israeli Relations - Consultant to Senators & Congressmen
Tzvi Fishman Journey back to Jewish Roots - From Hollywood to the Holy Land
Colonel Bentzi Gruber IDF Vice Commander of an Armed Division - "Ethics in the Field"
Dr. Mordechai Kedar Islam and Israel - Professor at Bar Illan and in Military Intelligence
Dr. Michelle Levine Lectures on The Art of Biblical Portraiture
Rabbi Yosef Mendelvich Unbroken Spirit - Famous Russian Refuesenick  Eleven Years in a Russian Gulag
David Olesker  Jerusalem Center for Communication and Training - One of the World's Top Advocacy Trainers
Sasson Reuven  A Red Beret Paratrooper - Participated in the Raid on Entebbe
Dr. Shmuel Shields  Certified Nutritionist "Guard Your Health"
Eliyon Shemesh  Jewish Educator, Storyteller & Musician
Alan Singer PhD  Well known Marriage Counselor with an 80% success rate
Rabbi Hanoch Teller  Maggid known as "Shakespeare of the Yeshiva World"


Fri, 16 November 2018 8 Kislev 5779