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Shul Solutions- Synagogues Sharing Best Practices- is the National Council of Young Israel's monthly e-newsletter. This publications is specifically geared toward helping shul lay leaders, and Executive Directors. Each month we share best practices from one shul to another on an array of topics such as Finances,  building construction, adult & youth programming, and much more. This new publication changes the way we think of solving common shul problems, and guides lay leaders, and office staff to manage, grow, and lead their shuls more effectively.


Shul Solutions is circulated to over 25,000 people worldwide. Translated versions are available in Spanish, Hebrew, and French. To request an edition in a different language please contact our Synagogue Services office

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Past Editions


January 2014 Inaugural Issue: Do We Need Shuls, Shul Surviving a Natural Disaster,

Making a "Safer" Torah, Keys to a Successful Teen Minyan


February 2014 When to Hire Office Staff, A Healthier and Greener Kiddish, Get the

Most Out of Youth Leaders, Integrating the Deaf


March 2014 Dynamic Shul Programs, Don't Clique here, The Gabb-Ipad, Boys at the



April 2014 Yom Hashoa Programs, 10 Do's and Don'ts for Shul Presidents, Parsha

Nation, Rabbinic Training 


May 2014 When to Raise Shul Dues, Rabbinic Search Best Practices, Mini-Minyan

(Grades 1-4), Teen Kiddush


June 2014 Year in Review, Servicing Your Sephardim, Bnei Akiva Shlichim & Bnot

Sherut, Summer Planning, High Holiday Youth Groups


January 2015 Bringing Back Shul Solutions,  NCYI Delegation, Running with the Rabbi,



Fri, 16 November 2018 8 Kislev 5779