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Through 2009, three administrations of YI leadership lead the YIBA from branches in Bensonhurst, Williamsburg, Rugby, Queens Valley, Laurelton and Staten Island, their goal was to offer the highest standards of Halacha with a reasonable cost to the grieving family. Thousands of members have been buried through the YIBA, their records are preserved in the NCYI offices.
Today, the YIBA is housed at the NCYI and has active board members who hail from Hillcrest, Staten Island and Queens Valley. The YIBA offers a 24 hour, six day a week phone service, in your time of need. The YIBA has programs for burial within your budget and offer free membership to Young Israel members under the age of 30 years old. Please contact the YIBA at 212.929.1525 x104 or for more information.  

Members of Young Israel synagogues have the opportunity to become members of the Young Israel Benevolent Association, our burial society.

Families who join the Benevolent (after 2008, called Tier II) pay a one time initiation fee  (see chart of current rates below) to join the association and an annual membership fee of $65 per family. These fees provide graves in one of the Benevolent's cemeteries in the New York area for the husband, wife, and (G-d forbid) children who pass away under the age of 19. 

In addition, these Benevolent Association members are entitled to receive a $2,000 per couple stipend toward the costs of a funeral (whether or not they choose to be buried in our cemetery).

If a Benevolent member wishes to reserve particular grave sites, they may do so by paying an additional $250 per grave. Reservations of graves may be done in the Young Israel section of the following cemeteries; New Montefiore and Wellwood in Pinelawn, Long Island or Beth Israel and Floral Park in New Jersey. Reservation fee for each grave is $250.

Benevolent members who joined before 2009 (Tier I), and follow our program and procedures, are entitled to significant additional benefits in their time of need. 

In time of need, the Benevolent Association guides the bereaved in the necessary details to proceed with burial. These benefits help to attain peace of mind for the loved ones of the deceased.

In your time of need, members call our 24 hour toll free number, 888-YI-Benev (888-942-3638).

The present one-time initiation fees are (Tier II) per couple:

Age Amount (US Dollars)
21-29 $0
30-34 $500
35-39 $1,000
40-44 $2,000
45-49 $2,500
50-54 $3,000
55-59 $3,500
60-64 $4,000
65-70 $4,500

To learn more or to apply to joining the Benevolent, please contact Rabbi Binyamin Hammer, Managing Director, at 212-929-1525 ext. 104.

Fri, 16 November 2018 8 Kislev 5779