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NCYI Delegates Assembly


The National Council of Young Israel's (NCYI) delegate assembly is the legislative arm of the National organization. Every year we are mandated by law to host three delegate meeting to discuss top issues relating to our organization such as:

  • To approve and adopt the annual budget. 
  • To hear and discuss reports of the Board of Directors on committee activity and as to further appropriations of funds. 
  • Upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors, to engage a National Director, Executive Vice President and/or any and all directors of activities and any changes thereof. 
  • Upon recommendation of the Board of Directors, to determine all major policies of the Organization. 
  • To admit new branches and to discipline or expel branches as elsewhere provided herein. 
  • To nominate and elect officers of the Organization

In addition to addressing the above issues the NCYI delegates assembly has been addressed by top congressional leaders on American- Israeli relations. Speakers include, Senator Susan Collins, Appropriations committee senior member and Senior member on the Senate Committee on intelligence, Congressman Elliot  Engel, Ranking Democrat on the foreign affairs committee, Congressman Chris Van-Hollan, Ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee.   


Who can be a delegate?

Two delegates for the first one hundred members of each constituent branch and one delegate for each additional hundred members. 
A minimum of two delegates for each constituent branch having less than one hundred 
The President of every constituent branch shall be an accredited branch delegate, 
exclusive of the regular number of branch delegates. 


What if our delegates cant make the assembly?

Every constituent branch shall have the right to elect together with its complement 

of delegates, one alternate delegate, who shall be invited to all Delegates Assembly 

meetings, but shall vote only in the absence of a regular delegate from the branch. 

Wed, 22 August 2018 11 Elul 5778