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Rabbi Marc Volk

Executive Director

212-929-1525 x105


Rabbi Binyamin Hammer

Director, Rabbinic Services

212-929-1525 x104


Roger Braverman

Director, Achva

212-929-1525 x180


Leonard Friedman, CPA

Director, Finance

212-929-1525 x108


Harriet Salk

Branch Communications Coordinator

212-929-1525 x106


Menachem Leib Brenner 

Director, Website & Social Media 

212-929-1525 x103


Michal Jaff 

Young Israel Benevolent Association

212-929-1525 x120


Mordechai Ben-Assaf  

Intern, Youth Services






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Wed, 17 January 2018 1 Shevat 5778