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Today is Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Department of Rabbinic Services provides resources, guidance and training for rabbis and soon-to-be rabbis from both Young Israel and upon request, non-Young Israel synagogues.

Rabbinic Consultations assist with synagogue issues, programs, contracts, sermons and networking.

The Annual Rabbinic Conference takes place on a yearly basis. Hundreds of rabbis from across the globe attend this inspiring and thought-provoking conference.

Chomer L'drush, Torah responsa on important topics affecting the Jewish community is published for the benefit of pulpit rabbis. Resource guides on Rosh HaShanah, Pesach, Tisha B'av, and Geirus protocols are also available from the Department of Rabbinic Services.

Click here to read the Chomer L'drush for the Three Weeks...

Click here to read the Chomer for Chodesh Elul

Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen of the Young Israel of the West Side wrote a

model Rosh HaShanah sermon on the Iranian Threat for the upcoming 5770 high holiday season. 

Rabbinic Conference Calls / Lail Iyun Shiurim: Frequent conference calls pertaining to Halacha and Hashkafah.

Rabbinic Placement matches rabbis with Young Israel and non-Young Israel synagogues. National Council of Young Israel is currently working with many communites, both within and outside the Young Israel network with their rabbinic search. Aseh L'cha Rav, a NCYI publication describing the rabbinic search process, has been made available to many synagogue search committees.

Rabbinic Training Program: Practical, hands-on seminars for the development of rabbinic excellence. Click here to learn more.

Vaad Halacha of Young Israel Council of Rabbis: The Committee for Halacha is made up of active and practicing Young Israel rabbis with a myriad of experience on the local and national levels. The Vaad Halacha is the rabbinic coordinating committee of National Council of Young Israel as required by the Institutions. Discussions by the Vaad Halacha include Young Israel branch officer eligibility, constitutional issues, women's issues, and guidelines regarding Young Israel traditions.

Associate Memberships are available for rabbis interested in joining the Young Israel Council of Rabbis. Click here to learn more about member benefits and to download the application.

Highlighted Programs:

Monthly TeleKosher Conference Program for Rabbanim Involved with Local Vaadim. Q&H with national experts from various kosher agencies. Click here for more information.   The Young Israel Council of Rabbis works in conjuntion with Nefesh International on various conferences and events.
To learn about the next Nefesh event click here.
Holding On or Letting Go.. What Judaism Says About "Pulling the Plug" An interactive End of Life Medical Decision-Making. Click here for more information..