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Today is Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting married and starting a family were once “givens” in the Orthodox community. But more and more of our singles are struggling to find their mates. Confronting this challenge is an obligation that should be shared by every individual within the Jewish community. True to the mission of the the National Council, singles programming provides one solution to this situation. The Department of Singles Programming offers several ways to assist singles in meeting the appropriate marriage partner.


Community conferences have been held since 2001 throughout the New York metropolitan area, New Jersey, and California and are intended for singles, parents, teachers, rabbis, rebbetzins, matchmakers, and other concerned individuals.  The purpose of a Shidduch Conference is to create an atmosphere of responsibility, focus on various issues that arise during the shidduch process, and offer possible solutions. Previous conferences have addressed the following topics:
  • Mentoring 101: Guiding the single through the dating process
  • Mentoring 201: Continued training on guiding the single through a relationship
  • Soulmate Searching in Cyberspace: Techniques and tools for proper internet dating
  • Recognizing the Red Flags: Knowing when a shidduch is right or if it spells disaster
  • A Lasting Relationship: Developing bonds for a loving marriage
  • Able, Capable, Yet Disable: For parents, caregivers, and individuals with special needs who are considering marriage
  • Asking the Right Questions? Appropriate information to ask of prospective shidduch clients
  • Ready or Not? Preparing a child for marriage
  • First Impressions: Moving beyond the first moments of meeting
  • Basic Elements for Creating Chemistry: Strategies to bridge the gaps between dating, engagement, and marriage
  • The Baal Teshuva and the Bashert: A multi-media presentation with strategies and skills for dating and marriage
  • A Parent’s Job Is Never Done: Helping your child navigate the dating process
  • First Impressions Count: Creating an effective shidduch profile and dating strategies
  • Strategies for developing bonds that lead to a loving marriage
  • To Tell the Truth? What should and should not be said about a prospective shidduch, according to halacha and hashkafa
  • Matchmaking 101: Involving all Jews in the shidduch process through networking and other resources
  • Reality Check: Reasonable expectations and requirements for a shidduch
  • Playing By the Rules: Following proper etiquette during the dating process
  • Making it to the Mezinka: Successfully balancing the involvement of parents while their children are in the shidduch process
  • Starting Over: Coping with the emotional strain of shidduchim following a divorce, broken engagement, or death of a spouse
  • Step-By-Stepfamilies: Strategies for handing issues for blended families
    Still Searching? Issues of older singles with practical suggestions for chizuk, emunah, and histadlus
  • Not Sure If You’re Ready? Insights from the Wellsprings of Torah
  • Seeing Yourself: Addressing Issues of Identity and Self-Esteem
  • In-Law Wanna-Be’s: Coping and Support Strategies for Parents of Older Singles

If your synagogue would like to book a conference with National Council of Young Israel's Department of Singles Programming which will customize the event to fit the needs of your community, please contact Judi Steinig.


The Department of Singles Programming has held many different types of singles events to encourage singles to meet in a relaxed cultural and social atmosphere. In the past the following programs have been held:

Mixing With Mystery:
The program features Rochelle Krich, a bestselling mystery author and an Orthodox Jew, who shares an interactive session with the singles addressing various issues in her books involving singles . Krich wrote Where's Mommy Now?, which won the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original and was filmed as "Perfect Alibi," starring Teri Garr, Hector Elizondo, and Kathleen Quinlan. She has written many mystery novels, including the Jessie Drake and Molly Blume series.

Walk, Talk and See Sites of the Lower East Side
Are You Game? An Interactive Program for Singles
An event of interactive games that are designed for singles to meet each other in a comfortable social setting.

Meet, Mingle and View Art: a Guided Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art
A guided tour of selected art exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (and can be created in many settings) combined with a dinner (or lunch) providing singles the opportunity to enjoy a cultural experience with pleasant social opportunities.

Winning the War of Words:  Become an Effective Advocate for Israel
The Arab-Israeli conflict has produced a wave of Anti-Semitism throughout the world. K’lal Yisrael needs education and training to combat this growing animus and advocate effectively for Israel in the classroom, office, and neighborhood.  Winning the War of Words: Become an Effective Advocate for Israel is a program designed specifically to meet this difficult challenge and provides strategies to use when confronted by colleagues, teachers, and peers in anti-Israel debate.  While the program has been coordinated on the community level, it also has been used as a singles only venue, giving singles the opportunity to learn how to help Israel within the a comfortable social setting to meet one another.

Chol Hamoed for Singles in New Roc City
New Roc City is an exciting entertainment facility in New Rochelle, NY, which includes a wide complex with many exciting components.  Chol Hamoed provides a wonderful time for singles to meet one another in an entertaining setting.

If you would like to schedule a single event for your community, please contact Judi Steinig.

Shidduch Registry:
NCYI has a growing network of matchmakers trying to assist singles on our registry in finding an appropriate match. If you are single, and you would like to join the shidduch registry, please complete the form attached. All information is confidential and only those authorized can access the information.
  Shidduch Resource Directory
The Shidduch Resource Directory is a list of matchmakers, shidduch groups, mental health providers, etc. If you would like to register as a matchmaker, please complete the resource directory form.