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Today is Sunday, April 20, 2014


The Young Israel Council of Rabbis Rabbinic Training Program

In Our 19th Year

As the Orthodox world continues its unprecedented growth in size and strength, the need for confident, professional and dynamic rabbinic leadership becomes all the more crucial. 

Rabbis today must possess the skills and talents to meet challenges, capitalize on opportunities and lead with wisdom and innovation.

A broad range of skills and techniques, perspectives and vision are required in the contemporary American Jewish community.

The rabbinate of the Young Israel movement is ideally suited to address these needs. Young Israel rabbis are drawn from the broad spectrum of the yeshiva world. The Young Israel Council of Rabbis is the most inclusive segment of American Orthodoxy and the typical Young Israel synagogue provides the broadest range of family and community services.

              The Young Israel synagogue has become the model of a vibrant and successful Orthodox community. It serves the needs of all members of the community with programs and services that convey the rewards of authentic Torah living, within the context of contemporary American society.  National Council of Young Israel is therefore uniquely suited to enhance the competence and caliber of the young rabbis that are entering the complex and exciting field of the American Rabbinate. 

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The Pastoral Counseling Program For Rabbanim

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Mr. Manny Wertman, COO of Ohel, speaks to the Rabbanim at the first session of the Advanced Mental Health Training Program (October 29, 2008)


Rabbinical Training Program Alumni


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