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Today is Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Mishnah Yomis Gala Siyum and Community Celebration This Shabbos at the YIW

For nearly six years now, Jewish people all around the world have been learning two mishnayot every day with the aim of completing the entire shas (all six sedarim of the mishna). Everyone is invited to a very special Shabbos celebrating this siyum on Shabbos afternoon, June 26th.

The event is co-sponsored by the shuls of the community, and many Rabbonim will address the crowd. From 6:45 - 8:00 PM, there will be divrei Torah and chizuk from our own Rabbi Hershel Billet, shlita, and Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, plus community Rabbonim Rabbi Yitzchak Frankel, Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz, Rabbi Zvi Ralbag, and Rabbi Shaya Richmond.

The formal divrei Torah will conclude with Mincha, followed by a siyum Shalosh Seudos, sponsored by Dr. Chaim and Lisa Abittan, Ruby and Beth Blumenthal, Rabbi Dr. Aaron and Margie Glatt, Elliott and Marilyn Platt, Jonathan and Debra Polansky, Dr. Jeff and Pearl Ratz, Avi and Cheryl Savitsky, Avi and Cindy Schreier, Shabsi and Julie Schreier, and Dr. Yonie and Deenie Zinberg. Elliott Platt, Jonathan Polansky, Dr. Jeff Ratz, Avi Schreier, and Dr. Yonie Zinberg will make the actual siyum.

Everyone is most welcome to attend all or part of the program, and more importantly, to prepare to start the next cycle themselves with the first two mishnayos of Brachos July 4th. In less than six years, you too can complete shas!

The beauty of the Mishna Yomis program is that it is for everyone, regardless of background. Those with the ability learn in depth will gain the most, but even those with less skills and time can complete the cycle in the same 6 years. All you need is a few minutes each day. Pick the method of your choice from a plethora of options - iPod, internet, CD, tape, chevrusa, shiur or English or Hebrew mishna translation. By learning just two mishnayos a day, you will slowly but surely gain a basic knowledge in all of the six Sidrei Mishnah.


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V'shinantam L'vanecha

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Thursday's after 

the 9PM Maariv





Rabbi Shalom Axelrod




Rabbi Noam Weinberg



Visiting Rabbi's from the Y.G.F.T.



Chavrusas are welcome


For more information on T.G.I.T. 

please email Rabbi Axelrod



To be paired with a Chavrusa on Thursday night

 or any other night of the week 

please email Rabbi Wolf




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Young Israel of Oceanside


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