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Today is Sunday, April 20, 2014


The National Speakers Bureau is a full-service agency coordinating speakers for lecture tours, scholar-in-residence programs, y'mei iyun, seminars, retreats, fund-raising presentations and shiurim. Our speakers, both men and women, represent a wide range of expertise - in halacha and hashkafa, medical and business ethics, Jewish history from antiquity through the modern era, Israeli politics, outreach, contemporary issues and much more. The Bureau serves the Young Israel network of synagogues, its affiliates, and Jewish organizations and institutions throughout North America and welcomes your inquiries. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service in meeting your specialized needs. We look forward to hearing from you and pledge to dedicate our National Speakers Bureau to the mission and message of the National Council of Young Israel - "...And return the heart of the fathers to the sons, and the heart of sons to the fathers." (Malachi, 3:24).

For futher information and to book speakers, please contact Rabbi Mordechai Roizman 212-929-1525 x103. Email requests can be sent to


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Rabbi Mordechai Becher   BIO   TOPICs   PHOTO

Daniel Eisenberg, MD

Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger

Rabbi Tzvi Flaum

Rabbi Donny Frank

Prof. Alan Friedlander

Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff

Howie (Simon) Kahn, M.A.

Aaron Klein

Rabbi Josh Kohl

Rabbi Doron Kornbluth

Dr. Bernard Raab

Rabbi Edward Reichman, MD

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Rabbi Lau Talk & Dessert Reception

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This Shabbat, the YINR is pleased to welcome IDF Sergeant Benjamin Anthony (Res).  Sergeant Anthony is the Founder of Our Soldiers Speak, an organization dedicated to bringing the truth from the front line of Israel's battlefields to the people of the Diaspora.  Sergeant Anthony will speak in the Main Sanctuary after davening on Shabbat morning.


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Young Israel of Great Neck to host Scholar in Residence Luncheon with Daniel Gordis

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Upcoming scholar in residence, Daniel Gordis on Shabbat November 21. You will be moved to pride, tears, joy and frustration by his eloquent and moving words. Those of you who have read his writing know what we're talking about; those of you that have not yet had that privilege, we will be forwarding a brief piece of his that you owe it to yourselves to read.  He will deliver the Shabbat drasha in the main shul and also at Shaalosh Seudot. A terrific luncheon will take place in shul that Shabbat where Daniel will address us. The charge will be $50 per person or $100 per couple /family.

Dr. Gordis, Senior Vice President of the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, is a leading thinker on contemporary Zionism and the Jewish condition.  A renowned author and lecturer, he will address major issues confronting Israel and the Jewish people. While his intellectual gifts and credentials are broad, what makes him most unique and appealing is that he speaks not as an ideologue or academic, but as a father, a husband, a son, a Jew. He speaks from his heart, eloquently and movingly.  In addition to delivering the drasha from the pulpit on Shabbat morning, he will speak at a special Shabbat luncheon and again during Shalosh Seudot.  Those who attend the Shabbat luncheon will receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Gordis' latest book Saving Israel: How the Jewish State Can Win a War That May Never End.

To sign up for the luncheon ($50 per person/$100 per couple/family), please contact Shoshana via email or call

Young Israel Of Great Neck

236 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11021

Tel:  (516) 829-6040
Fax: (516) 213-5196

Email Directory:
General Inquiries:

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Dr David Shatz at YILC

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Several evening lectures are scheduled for the month of December at Young Israel of New Rochelle. These lectures represent the diverse educational programming and interests of our community.  As a complement to the regularly scheduled shiurim and weekend scholars in residence programs that take place throughout the year, these weekday evening lectures present us with a unique opportunity to peer beyond the four cubits of our daily Jewish lives and to explore topics that interest us or could interest us, if only we were to know more about them.


In the coming weeks we will be honored to host several lecturers who will no doubt help us become more knowledgeable about and engaged in issues that affect our lives in direct and indirect ways:


December 7 (8pm), Professor Xu Xin "From Kaifeng to Jerusalem: How Jews and Israel are perceived in China."  Nary, a day goes by without our being bombarded by news and events from China.  Growth in China impacts our economic stability and our political realities.  Professor Xu

Xin's lecture may help us understand, as well, how China might one day affect our lives as Jews.


December 14 (8pm), Dr. Daniel Rynhold, "What happened to G-d in Contemporary Jewish Philosophy?" We perform mitzvoth and pray three times a day but do we contemplate our relationship with G-d often enough?  Learning how Jews have historically addressed this question may help us become better informed on our personal journeys.


December 20 (8pm), Mr Joel Lion, "Israel and the Media."  Passion for Israel is shared by all members of our community and for many of us, the world's perception of Israel affects our perception of ourselves.  Mr. Lion's talk will shed further light on this subject by illustrating how Israel is perceived by the media, from the perspective of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The lectures are free.  Active community participation is critical to the success of adult education at our synagogue and we need "people in seats" to ensure the ongoing success of our programming.  Further, ongoing and constructive feedback from program participants enables us to design, evolve and improve for the future.


If you would like to co-sponsor the Series by making a minimum donation of $20, kindly click here, or contact the office at 914-636-2215.


Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you at the lectures.


The YINR Education Committee

YINR | 1149 North Avenue | New Rochelle | NY | 10804

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